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20 February, 2020

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20 February, 2020


£200k investment in alloy wheel technology


‘Back in the day,’ the opportunity to personalise your car was down to what colour vinyl roof you’d like.

Nowadays there’s a wealth of options. The one which many of us choose to make our car unique is the wheels.

With more and more designs and sizes available, the market has grown – offering us not only a choice in the number of wheel spokes and the look of the wheels, but also different finishes (from matte to chrome, and from painted to polished) with a myriad of other options in between.

As this trend grows, coupled with drivers continuing to damage their alloys, Swansway Motor Group has invested £200k in a full alloy wheel refurbishment and customisation system (see video) at its Crewe-based Accident Repair Centre.

General manager, Mark Trevers explained: “We were seeing more and more wheels in for refurbishment after they’d been kerbed, but there was also a growing number of people who wanted their wheels customising with different finishes; with paint or both.

“Swansway decided to invest in the equipment which would allow the Accident Repair Centre to do this and so we started a separate business, Wheel Works, designed to solely refurbish and customise alloys.”

Mark continued: “Since the equipment was installed, around 9 months ago, the specialist team has been undergoing training, but we’ve already refurbished and customised almost 3,000 alloys.

“Now we’ve taken on two extra members of the team as a result of Wheel Works’ success and we’re hoping to take on two more as the business expands.”

Mark added: “In many ways it’s an economical way of changing your car, for just £100 a wheel your car can look totally different; some people do get bored easily, so this is a great way of changing things up.”

He admitted: “Some of the colours we can offer are a bit wacky for me, metallic pink and fluorescent yellow for example, but the matt and glossy blacks, highlighting a diamond cut wheel are popular, as is accenting the wheel with the main colour of the car.

“People are getting very creative and we’re happy to help produce alloys which are totally bespoke to our customer.”