Wakeboarding… in Wilmslow

24 February, 2020


A chance for your clothes to star on stage!


Treading the boards, or even a catwalk for that matter, may not be for everyone… but have you ever thought about whether your clothes might like a share of the limelight?

A theme running throughout Deborah McAndrew’s script for the 2018 cycle of the Chester Mystery Plays is the 21st century ‘throwaway culture’ and the need for us to embrace recycling and reuse.

In the spirit of this, she and the production’s designer Dawn Allsopp are appealing to the people of Chester and Cheshire to search their wardrobes and drawers for clothes they no longer need, which could be reused and adapted to clothe the cast of almost 200.

Deborah said: “One of the big ideas is that we are destroying God’s creation, and in particular see Noah’s flood not just as a biblical story, but as a modern disaster that is affecting the world today due to climate change.”

Dawn added: “The design locates the stories now as the people of Chester once again gather to stage them.

“It seems in keeping with the themes to take an environmentally sustainable approach in the way we costume the plays.

“The idea is to use contemporary clothing and recycled items and present them in an historical and creative way, so that we believe as an audience we are looking at Jesus and the Disciples in Biblical times.

“With this in mind we are looking for donations of clothing to reuse, adapt and put on stage.  We are after things like linen or cotton trousers, shirts, dresses and tops to fit all ages from seven-year-old children to teenagers to adults.

“These should be in natural colours with no patterns and not too bright, for example creams, white, beige, green, russet, blue and grey.

“Some striped fabrics would be acceptable too and they all need to be in wearable condition.”

She enthused: “Perhaps now is their time for stardom!”

If you have suitable clothes you’d be willing to donate to the Chester Mystery Plays, Dawn and costume supervisor Paula Cain will be at Churchill House in the University of Chester’s Queen’s Park campus on Sunday 29th April from 10am until midday.

The Chester Mystery Plays are produced only once every five years in the city.

The 2018 production is at Chester Cathedral from 27th June – 14th July.

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