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20 February, 2020


A year in the life of Clonter


An exhibition of work by Jack Thompson

Clonterbrook Gallery

Sunday 18th March

10am – 4pm


Jack Thompson has been Clonter Opera’s photographer-in-residence now for just over a year, and over that time he has created a vast body of work, resulting in a decision to exhibit a ‘year in the life of’ in the Clonterbrook Gallery from Sunday 18th March.

Jack is a Cheshire born artist. As a young person he developed ill health which impacted upon his education and working life.

Out of necessity he has educated himself and expanded his knowledge across the arts, humanities and sciences to develop his creativity.

He has also been involved as a volunteer with various organisations – mainly health, education and social care as well as music and visual arts.

As a portraitist first and foremost, Jack has adopted an approach of simplicity, in the absence of being able to afford expensive equipment, tools and materials.

Late 2016 saw Jack being offered what, for him, was the ‘chance of a lifetime’ opportunity to take up a photographer-in-residence role at Clonter.

“This has been a wonderfully suited and fitting role, within an organisation which passionately believes in, as he does, the development and education of young people,” a spokesperson explained.

Jack is also able to hone his skills and develop his practice whilst being situated in the context of musical performance and theatre.

He has photographed internationally celebrated musicians such as Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club House Band, as well as some of the finest emerging opera stars at the outset of their professional careers.

He has also photographed far more intimate music events at Clonter. For example, those at which residents of local care homes were invited to enjoy afternoon tea with live music by Flossie Malavialle.

With Jack’s strong humanitarian, respectful and holistic approach, and passion for nurturing and enabling independence and growth in others, he is said to be thoroughly embracing and enjoying this opportunity at Clonter.

The exhibition showcases the diversity and richness of Jack’s portraiture.

Entry cost £3 (no charge for Friends of Clonter)


Additional days:

Monday 19th March (12-4pm)

Wednesday 21st March (12-3pm)

Thursday 22nd March (12-4pm)

Friday 23rd March (12-4pm)