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17 April, 2019


An evening with Andrew Adonis


Image credit: The Times


European Movement Macclesfield & East Cheshire is hosting ‘An Evening With Andrew Adonis’ on Wednesday 21st November at Macclesfield Town Football Club.

Lord Adonis, known for his anti-Brexit stance, has been touring the country and talking to people from all areas – those which voted to leave and those which voted to remain – about the impact he feels leaving the EU will have on the UK.

Organisers of the event, Chris Foster and Sarah Murphy, said: “He is perhaps doing the work that our own MPs should be doing, in informing people and answering their Brexit questions.

“However you voted, it is vital now that we know what we are facing, as this is such a huge decision for the country and one that, after March 2019, we will struggle to reverse.

“So please do encourage your readers to book tickets and come along.”

You can click here to book your space.

European Movement Macclesfield & East Cheshire is affiliated to the European Movement UK.

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