Cheshire A Cappella recruitment day - 17th September 2017

Real Women, Real Harmony, Real Fun

Taking place in Wilmslow on Sunday 17th September, Cheshire A Cappella chorus is once again on the look out for new singers to join its ranks.

The impetus behind the recruitment drive is summed up in three words: “sun, sangria and singing” as the group will be travelling to sunny Spain for a competition in April 2018.

The chorus comprises a dynamic group of women who meet each week to sing in four-part harmony, a cappella style.

Their shared vision is of a modern, exciting harmony chorus for women of all ages and backgrounds who love to sing.

Cheshire A Cappella offers women the opportunity to get together and learn to be better singers and performers.

Members sing a variety of four-part unaccompanied songs, performing at various events - and they have lots of fun along the way!

Many of the arrangements the group sings are in a barbershop style, where the melody is surrounded by harmonies above and below, creating natural overtones.

Women with any voice range, from low to high, are able to find a suitable harmony part.

Cheshire A Cappella’s repertoire is more modern than classical and varies between contemporary, pop, swing, jazz and ballads as well songs from films and shows.

Some of the songs are performed with choreography to enhance the overall presentation.

As well as honing their repertoire each week, the all-female ensemble includes time for development of vocal skills by teaching aspects of vocal technique and performance. This is an ongoing part of the group’s commitment to sing and perform with skill and passion.

Cheshire A Cappella performs at a variety of venues and events such as corporate and charitable parties as well as Christmas concerts and at local festivals and competitions.

The group also stages its own annual show, normally at Christmas time.

The highlight of the calendar, however, is the UK Convention where Cheshire A Cappella competes with dozens of other choruses.

Founded in 2009, Cheshire A Cappella was awarded 'Most Improved Chorus' at the 2013 convention in Gateshead and finished third in the Mid-Size Chorus Division.

In 2014 the group improved its ranking, finishing seventh overall in the competition and maintained their position within the top 10 in 2015 as well.

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