Cocoa the bean is born!

Simon Dunn - chocolatier turned author and illustrator

Simon Dunn, Cheshire’s chocolatier to the stars, has taken his gift for creativity with the sweet stuff and turned his hand to writing and illustrating his first children’s book.

Simon, whose career as a chocolatier has seen him travelling across the globe, decided he wanted a way of sharing his passion for chocolate with the next generation.

He developed a character, Cocoa the bean, through which children can explore the process of how raw cocoa beans are picked and transformed into the chocolatey treats which Simon sells in his shop.

The book is aimed at 7-10 year olds, and takes the reader through a journey which begins in the cocoa trees of Ghana.

The book is currently available from Simon’s shop in High Lane as well as his website, and will soon be available at local bookshops too.

Simon told his local newspaper: “I have loved chocolate all my life and it is something that most people seem to enjoy.

He added: “Chocolate is now part of the national curriculum and the book could be used by schools to teach children about everything from the pollination of the plant right through to manufacture.

“I am also hoping it will just be a fun but educational read for children and their parents and grandparents alike.”

Working with his wife Anne, Simon is best known for producing stunning boxes of handmade chocolates as well as wedding favours and seasonal novelties, plus corporate gifts and bespoke designs for his clients.

Simon has developed his own unique range of artisan chocolates with flavours such as chilli banana, strawberry and white pepper and also champagne and popping candy.

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