Avro Heritage Museum – a soaring success!


The Avro Heritage Museum, based at the site of the former Woodford Aerodrome near Poynton, was visited recently by Macclesfield MP David Rutley.

Mr Rutley viewed the museum’s extensive collection and trustee John Nichol gave David a tour of the museum, which hosts the only surviving example of the iconic Avro Lancaster Bomber with a viewable fuselage that can be accessed by members of the public, with the aircraft’s original interior.

Lancaster Bombers were built at Woodford Aerodrome from 1942 onwards, and were Britain’s most successful bomber of the Second World War.

The Lancaster played a key role in supporting the historic Dambuster raids, targeting dams across the Ruhr Valley in Germany.

On his visit, David also had the opportunity to inspect the cockpit of an Avro Vulcan, one of the 136 Vulcans which were constructed at Woodford Aerodrome.

The museum is also the home of the only anti-flash white Vulcan in existence, and has a host of other significant exhibits highlighting military and civilian aviation design and development in the United Kingdom throughout the twentieth century.

Woodford Aerodrome was owned by BAE Systems until 2011, and was a hub of aircraft design and construction, with the famous Nimrod aircraft also being built there.

The Avro Heritage Trust was established following the closure of BAE’s operations at the site, with the aim of preserving the site’s rich aviation heritage for future generations.

The museum – located within the aerodrome’s former fire station – was opened in 2015, and has gone from strength to strength since then.

Speaking after his visit, David said: “It was an honour to visit the Avro Heritage Museum again to view its Lancaster Bomber fuselage, and to have the opportunity to recognise the important contribution of many Poynton residents who have worked at Woodford Aerodrome over many years.

“I am grateful to Mr Nichol for his excellent tour, and to all the staff at Avro Heritage Museum who have helped to make this impressive facility such a success.”

The museum will be holding a special Air Fair event during the weekend of 7th & 8th of July, featuring fly-pasts from the BBMF Lancaster Bomber as well as flight simulators, helicopters and numerous classic vehicles.

There are more details on the Museum’s website: