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As we come to the end of an incredible summer, our thoughts turn to getting the children ready to go back to school. This may mean new uniforms at the ready, feet measured, hair and dental appointments booked before September.

This is also a good time of year to get all health concerns remedied and plans in place for the winter months. Here, we’ve put together a checklist to help you get organised and keep your family in tip-top condition.


Catch it, Bin it, Kill it

As your precious ones start back at school, it’s a great idea to get stocked up on all the items you will need for your home first aid kit.

For example, are you stocked up on painkillers, rehydration salts, antihistamines? It may be worth purchasing these things ahead of the winter months.

When you get that call from the school to advise your little one has been taken poorly, sometimes there isn’t enough time to prepare for caring for them in a hurry.

It’s always worth stocking up on the little packets of tissues children can keep in their pockets and you can remind them of the “catch it, bin it, kill it” slogan.

Then make sure they understand the importance of washing their hands throughout the day, not just after using the toilet. 


Immunisations and Boosters

It is really important to make sure that children are up-to-date with immunisations. If your little one is due to start pre-school they may be due for their MMR booster.

Pinches Medical & Wellbeing provides all routine childhood immunisations and also ones that are not available on the NHS.

Or for older children, if they were off school when vaccinations were administered during school time, they could still catch up – it’s not too late!

Pinches will be starting a flu clinic in September, so you might want to pop down and get the whole family vaccinated before the winter months are upon us.


Full Check-up for your children

It could be advantageous to get a full GP consultation for your child before they start the new term.

Pinches can provide consultations for children, where they will check overall health, discuss any ear or hearing problems, digestive issues or any concerns at all which they may have been having at school that could be connected to health.

Pinches’ clinical director is trained in paediatric medicine and has ensured that the whole team is experienced in dealing with child health issues.


No Stress!

You may want to look out for Pinches’ teen resilience workshops which are held throughout the year. These sessions are especially good for older children who are starting to feel pressure at school.

They will help pupils to mentally prepare for their revision and for periods of exam stress. Pinches also offers courses in mindfulness-based resilience for students at all ages.

They believe it is just as important to teach children ways to maintain mental health as it is to promote good physical health.


Wrap up warm

Make sure your kids have adequate clothing. We have all become acclimatised to the fabulously warm weather over the summer, but September may bring the weather change and an influx of viral infections.

It may come as a shock when the weather turns cold – so make sure you have gloves, hats and scarves at the ready now. It’s always good to be prepared!




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