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20 February, 2020

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20 February, 2020


Beth joins the family


It may only be Beth Parry’s first anniversary of working at Swansway Motor Group, but she felt right at home from the moment she first sat down at her desk.

That’s because she was joining her cousin, Holly Bailey, and aunt, Joanne Bailey (Holly’s mum), at the firm.

Beth explained: “I did a week’s work experience in the marketing team at Swansway when I was in sixth form, I really enjoyed it, especially working with Holly and Jo, but there were no jobs going at the time and I was in the middle of my A levels.”

However, her enthusiasm during her work experience hadn’t gone unnoticed and when the marketing team needed some temporary help with a database project they called on Beth.

Then, the team was looking for maternity cover and Beth was their first thought. Whilst doing this, she was offered a permanent role within the team.

Beth, who lives in Nantwich and is 19, now works in the CRM & database management team, but also helps out across the full range of marketing activities.

She explained: “I love my new expanded job role, it means I’m learning loads of new things, like how to put new pages on the website, how to add pages to the blog, how to help our website rank better on Google… all sorts to be honest!”

Beth added: “It makes the day fly as my work is so varied; I can’t believe I’m celebrating my first anniversary in the job and though I really joined the marketing team almost by accident, I know this is what I want to do.”

Beth isn’t the only person to work with her family at Swansway. The group is run by the Smyth family: father Michael is chairman; his sons David, Peter and John are directors; and son-in-law Chris Chatfield works in the business too!

And there are many other families working for the business – including spouses such as accountant Kath Bradbury and master technician Warran Bradbury; and a dad and daughter duo, Dave Pullar in group fleet and Tara Verling in the HR team.

Beth commented: “It does give work a nice family feel, not just because you’re working a family business, but because there are quite a lot of families working in the business too.”