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17 April, 2019


Brexit debate continues in Tarporley


Locals behind the Tarporley community Facebook  page believe the village would now back remaining in the EU if there were to be another referendum on the issue (something which the prime minister and government have consistently ruled out).

An online poll on the Tarporley-focussed social media page suggested increased support in the village for remaining in the EU.

The community page, followed by more than 3,500 people – mostly in and around Tarporley – published the result of the online poll which attracted over 500 votes.

For reference, the population of Tarporley at the 2011 census was 2,614.

The recent poll showed 77% in favour of remaining in the EU, with 23% in favour of leaving. The poll was public, meaning anyone with a Facebook account was able to vote.



One of the administrators of the page, Tarporley resident Sarah Pearson, said: “We are all aware that Brexit is a really divisive subject, but our latest poll does suggest that people in Tarporley are more against leaving the EU than they were two years ago.

Sarah added: “This is a small online poll and we are aware of a couple of unscrupulous people voting twice, but that was a very small number of recipients, so we think the result is reflective of the strength of feeling amongst Tarporley’s online community.”

An similar online poll in the village in 2016 saw 56% of participants backing remain, with 29% supporting leave and 15% unsure.

The latest poll prompted more heated debate amongst residents, and despite their differences both sides expressed frustration at the way the Brexit negotiations are being conducted.

Although not strictly scientific, the poll is one of a number of recent examples of people sharing their thoughts on the Brexit debate which shows little sign of abating.


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