Esther McVey hails ‘going green’ as good for business

The Tatton MP visited a thriving family dairy in Knutsford

Tatton MP Esther McVey has hailed going green as being good for business after visiting a thriving family dairy.

Ms McVey visited Sheldon’s Dairy in Knutsford to see the range of environmental measures the company, which has been delivering milk for more than 50 years, is using.

The locally-based business - which also delivers meat, fruit and vegetables and newspapers - is a shining example of community spirit, Ms McVey said.

She commented: “While I undoubtedly had a great time visiting Sheldon’s Dairy and even got to drive a milk float, I saw firsthand how important the family business is to our community.

“Sheldon’s are introducing a wide range of environmental measures including electric milk floats, using more glass reusable milk bottles and generating their own energy from solar panels while also raising tens of thousands of pounds for local charities.

“It is a gem of a business and we are lucky to have it but others should learn from it and replicate the good works being done.”

Esther continued: “Since I became the MP I have had the pleasure of seeing so many amazing local businesses and we are leading the way in so many ways.

“We have a wealth of talent in our community and Sheldon’s is proving how being environmentally friendly an also be good for business. I will be telling colleagues in Westminster about this.”

The firm says that increasingly customers are asking for the original glass milk bottle which can be reused up to 40 times - and around 3,000 bottles of milk are delivered each day by the dairy. 

The business was founded by David and Pam Sheldon in 1965 and is now run by their sons Chris and John Sheldon and son-in-law Steve Edwards.

Ms McVey added: “The milk round is back in fashion with more people joining every week.

“It has always been about much more than your daily pint, it is part of the fabric of the community and keeping a look out for one another.

“The workers at this dairy know their community and where older people live alone, it is often a milkman who can spot when something is not right, if the milk has been left out or no lights on.

“It is such a community focused business and a credit to the family.”

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