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19 September, 2019


Cheshire Conservative MPs tight-lipped on letters of no confidence


We asked Cheshire’s four Conservative MPs (Fiona Bruce, Congleton; Antoinette Sandbach, Eddisbury; David Rutley, Macclesfield; Esther McVey, Tatton)  whether they had submitted letters of no confidence in Theresa May – or whether they intended to – and what their thoughts were on the current turmoil at the top of their party.

We’ve posted their responses (below) and are awaiting comment from David Rutley.

Esther McVey has opted not to say anything more than was written in her resignation letter to Theresa May on Thursday, while Fiona Bruce and Antoinette Sandbach have each provided responses.



Fiona Bruce (Congleton)

Mrs Bruce told us: “I will be carefully studying the whole 585 page [Brexit divorce] document,  am listening to constituents’ views, and will be making a statement after that.

“I consider the immediate peremptory comments made by some MPs when they could not possibly have studied the whole document have been distinctly unhelpful.”


Antoinette Sandbach (Eddisbury)

Ms Sandbach told us: “I have not submitted a letter and have absolutely no intention of doing so. A leadership election at this time would be pointless navel gazing by the Conservative Party.”


David Rutley (Macclesfield)

Mr Rutley’s office told us it is considering a response to our questions.


Esther McVey (Tatton)

A spokesperson told us: “At this moment Esther isn’t making any comment over and above what was in the letter to the PM [on Thursday 16th November].

“I would add that it has never really been anything other than business as usual as far as the constituency is concerned and it remains that way.”


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