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28 March, 2020


Civil War author event in Nantwich


Article and images by Jonathan White


The seventh annual ‘Civil War author event’, organised by the Nantwich Book Shop & Coffee Lounge, will take place in Nantwich on Friday 24th January 2020 on the evening before the annual Holly Holy Day ‘Battle of Nantwich’ re-enactment in the town.

The event will feature Civil War authors Norah Carlin, Margaret Evans and Mark Turnbull.



Tickets = £7.50 per person, which includes snacks and a £2.50 discount upon book purchase. Cash Bar. Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. (Venue to be decided.)

Denise Lawson, Nantwich Book Shop & Coffee Lounge, said: “We are looking forward to the seventh annual Civil War Author event with some exciting new authors lined up.”



Holly Holy Day

Holly Holy Day traces back to the 17th century and the four-year-long First English Civil War between the Parliamentarians (Roundheads) and the Royalists (Cavaliers) loyal to Charles I.

This year is the 376th anniversary of the original battle, which took place on 25th January 1644.