UKIP candidate for Congleton - Mark Davies

We track down some information on Mr Davies

Image credit: Joelle Jefferis / Making My Vote Matter


UKIP’s candidate for Congleton, Mark Davies, has not responded to multiple requests for information.

It seems we were not alone in being snubbed by Mr Davies.

The local radio station, Cheshire’s Silk 106.9, posted online: “We contacted Mr Davies several times, personally and through the UK Independence party, but our invitation was rejected.”

We also contacted a number of local constituents, who told us they've recevied no election materials through their door from Mr Davies.

So Cheshire therefore decided to carry out a little research of our own - and found some information to bring our readers.

We came across his CV, which has been shared via Democracy Club CVs.

We found out that Mark’s interests include: golf, boxing, football, the stock market, current and international affairs, military history as well as travel and reading.

He has previously stood for election in the 2016 Manchester local elections, as the UKIP candidate for the Didsbury East ward, where he came fifth out of five candidates.

He also stood in the 2015 general election, as the UKIP candidate to become the MP for Withington in Manchester where he came fifth out of six candidates.

Mark’s address is listed as being in Didsbury.

Mark said in his CV: “For over 20 years, I have developed an impressive record of new business and account development success whilst working for a number of the world’s leading IT organisations.”

He continued: “I have worked at all levels from Sales Person to Sales Director, across multiple Industry Sectors, and in every case I have delivered significant performance results for my employers.

“I have a real talent for developing and securing major business opportunities whilst maintaining optimum levels of account development/management and always remaining focussed on ‘the bottom line’.”

Mark’s CV said that he has had significant corporate careers at both Fujitsu and EDS.

“While with these organisations, I developed and led a range of businesses covering application software and services, IT and BPO outsourcing, hardware, infrastructure and operational leasing solutions,” he explained.

In 2004 Mark moved to live in the USA. Following his return, he decided to pursue a range of business opportunities - including property development and share portfolio management.

In a 2015 interview, he told the blogger behind ‘Making My Vote Matter’ that he doesn’t see himself as a politician, instead he said: “I see myself as a businessperson who can get things done, and someone who likes ideas.”

In the same interview, he said: “The thing that really attracted me to UKIP was the intellectual coherency and at its base point is personal responsibility.”

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