Winsford ‘tightgate’ over school’s uniform policy

Pupils refusing to wear tights removed by parents

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Dozens of students have been turned away from Winsford Academy in pouring rain, according to a report in the Winsford Guardian this morning, for failing to wear tights as per their school’s uniform policy.

The paper states that a text message sent yesterday (4th September 2017) by the school told parents: “We hope you have had a lovely summer holiday.

“This is just a reminder – school starts tomorrow. Year 11s start at 8.45am and year eight, nine and 10s start at 11am.

“Reminder, as per our end of term letter and newsletter, girls need to wear black tights and footwear for both boys and girls should be all black with no markings.”

Despite this, the paper revealed Winsford Academy’s website still states that either tights or black socks are acceptable uniform for girls.

A post on Facebook has gone on to be shared over a hundred times, and has attracted more than fifty comments. The issue has been described as ‘the talk of the town’ today.

The Winsford Guardian goes on to say that: “between 40 and 60 girls in years seven and 11 were sent home by staff after arriving on the first day of the new academic year.”

The paper added: “Several parents have complained that they first became aware of the rule change in a text sent out by the school yesterday, and that staff offered students pairs of tights to wear on their arrival this morning.”

It quotes Brian Lee Bishop, who is father to 15-year-old Nicole who said: “I spoke to the vice principal and was told they are refusing to teach any children who are not wearing tights.”

Brian continued: “I’m a single parent with two children, and I bought all their uniform at the beginning of July after payday. I didn’t get the letter at the end of term, and to just send this text is unacceptable.

“My daughter does not want to wear tights. She was wearing long socks that went up to her knee, and a skirt – nothing inappropriate.”

Sarah Mort, whose two daughters attend the school, told the paper: “They want to protect the girls’ dignity but the tights they were giving them are super thin.

“So they are sending them all home if they don’t put the tights on.”

We’ve approached Winsford Academy for comment, and they have promised a more detailed press release later in the day.

Vice principal Richard Hicks told us: “There’s been no child forcibly sent home, but there have been some parents removing children from school because they are not wanting their child to adhere to the school’s uniform policy - and those parents have removed their children from school today.”

He added: “It remains to be seen whether they return tomorrow,” describing the issue as: “a storm in a teacup.”

We’ll update this article once more is known.

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