Denise Coates – Britain’s best-paid boss


(image credit: BBC News)


Denise Coates, the billionaire businesswoman behind the online gambling firm Bet365, has earned a whopping £265 million according to her company’s latest set of accounts.

The figure, which includes dividends, means that she is Britain’s best-paid boss.

Indeed, it dwarfs that of former Persimmon boss Jeff Fairburn who recently caused a stir after walking off camera during a BBC interview in which the reporter asked about his £75m bonus.

Bet365’s accounts show that remuneration for the firm’s highest paid director rose to £265m, including dividends – a total which is £48m higher than the £217m figure for the previous year.

Ms Coates’ salary was £220m and the company paid out £90m in dividends – half of which are thought to have gone to Ms Coates.

The firm’s revenue grew by 25% in the year to the end of March, and operating profit was up by 31%.

Denise’s mammoth earnings last year saw her take the title of best-paid female chief executive in the world.

Bet 365 is a privately held company, owned jointly by Ms Coates and members of her direct family.

The firm is Stoke-on-Trent’s largest private sector employer, and was founded by the Coates family.

Sometimes dubbed ‘Britain’s most successful woman’, Forbes magazine has calculated that Denise Coates’ personal fortune is worth in the region of £4.5bn.


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