Eastgate Clock to ‘go rainbow’


Chester’s iconic Eastgate Clock will be flying the flag for Chester Pride from Friday 10th August.

It’s the second most photographed clock in the UK (after Big Ben) and this weekend it will be illuminated in rainbow colours to mark Chester Pride celebrations taking place on Saturday.

The clock face will be lit in a continuous loop of colours from the Pride flag over the entire weekend.

CWAC’s Cllr Karen Shore said: “The Eastgate clock is lit with LED technology, so it’s usually quite easy for our street lighting engineers to alter the colours inside the clock face.”

She explained: “This has taken a bit more work as the colours will be changing and I am grateful to the highways lighting team for their work in making this happen.

Cllr Shore continued: “I’m delighted that we are able to support this weekend’s Chester Pride celebrations in such an attention-grabbing location.

“Previously, we have turned the Eastgate Clock face blue for the NHS’ recent birthday, pink for Breast Cancer Awareness week, green for Macmillan Cancer Support and switched it off totally for Earth Hour.”

The lights will change colour every three to five seconds using a radio frequency controller which operates the colour change in each light unit.

There are four lights, one for each clock face, using energy-efficient LEDs supplied by a local manufacturer.

More information about this weekend’s Chester Pride events can be found at: