The Grange turns 85

It’s also 40 years since the birth of the senior school

It’s a big year for The Grange in Hartford as the school celebrates the 85th anniversary of its inception and 40 years since the birth of the senior school.

The school has come a long way since it was founded by Mrs Helen Perry in 1933 as a tiny preparatory school based in her house on School Lane, Hartford. 

Today the school operates in purpose built facilities across two sites and caters for over 1,100 pupils aged 4-18.


Taking its place among the best independent schools in the country, the focus remains firmly on providing an education that focuses as much on values, such as kindness and resilience, as it does on helping students to achieve routinely excellent exam results.

The school will be celebrating its milestone birthdays with a special Alumni Ball on Saturday 30th June 2018 with former students and staff who have passed through the gates and been shaped by the school over the decades.


A spokesperson said: “A lot has changed since those humble beginnings of the school 85 years ago.

“It has grown exponentially both physically and in terms of reputation, and yet it has also stayed the same in some ways.”

Evidence of this is provided by former pupils, Claire Charley and Margaret Prickett, who attended the school in the 1950s when Mrs Perry was headmistress.

They remember a very different place, and yet they also remember a school with “an ethos of caring and respect, and a keen sense of community and team spirit.”

They added: “There was an emphasis of perseverance and determination, and an openness to all forms of learning and debate.”

To find out more about the Alumni Ball or get in touch with your memories of your time at The Grange, please email:

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