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28 March, 2020


Exhibitions at Castle Park Arts Centre – Jan/Feb 2020



From 8th January until 16th February 2020, Castle Park Arts Centre presents four new exhibitions.

In addition, an open evening is being held on Friday 10th January 2020 (7-9 pm) to offer a chance to meet the artists, everyone welcome.


Gallery 1

‘Art from the Square’, a group of local (Merseyside) artists, many of them ex-professionals, who regularly exhibit together. This collection of recent works is an eclectic mix of subjects, styles and methods.


Gallery 2

‘A Meeting of Minds’ by Sue Hancel and Barbara Lewis, two friends who met at the life drawing sessions at Castle Park Arts Centre and whose friendship has developed. Over the past few years they have shared many different experiences together.


Gallery 3

‘Imaginations in Wood’ produced by Woodart Workshops – a talented collective of gifted carvers, turners and wood artists who enjoy working with wood who get together to share experiences and skills and produce exquisite wood art.


Link Gallery 

Brush Strokes Art Club Silver Anniversary Exhibition – born in Castle Park Arts Centre in 1994 and still going strong!