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The internationally acclaimed Chinese State Circus is coming back, returning to its roots in an innovatively spectacular new production – “DYNASTY”.

The history of the Chinese State Circus spans 25 years when it was conceived by creative director Phillip Gandey.

He became the first circus director in Europe to obtain permission from the Chinese cultural authorities to be allowed to tour a big top production of his own creation performed entirely by Chinese acrobats.

Phillip has spent a considerable time travelling extensively throughout China to select the very best circus artistes who will not only be worthy of continuing the proud and unequalled tradition of acrobatic excellence in the Chinese State Circus but also be capable of raising the “incomparable” standards to even higher contemporary heights.



“In our latest production we have returned to the pure and honest perfection in acrobatics upon which our reputation is based,” said Phillip. “We have the world class artistes capable of performing the excellence required.


“The most honest, awe-inspiring and exhilarating circus it has ever been my privilege to see”

- Evening Standard


The incomparable Chinese State Circus will be playing at Tatton Park from Wednesday 27th September to Sunday 1st October in its fully heated big top venue.

Breathtaking in its simplicity, “DYNASTY” projects into a contemporary setting an art form that has thrilled audiences for more than 2,000 years where low-tech everyday objects are transformed into hi-tech acrobatic equipment.

Hurtling porcelain jars… dynamically spinning plates… balancing upon gigantic pyramids of tables and chairs framed by the delicate strands of silk supporting cascading aerialists.


“Never has such excitement been generated in a theatre. The whole audience hangs breathless”

- Manchester Evening News


Stunning world class Chinese acrobats, aerial artistes and jugglers interact with the super-human physical skills and dexterity of the masters of martial arts – the legendary Shaolin Warriors.

The nonstop action from start to awesome finale as thrill follows thrill is set to a soaring musical score accompanied by the rhythmic beats of Chinese percussion.

Its outstanding acrobatic achievement that could until now could only be created video through special effects – yet performed live in front of an audience what seems impossible becomes a reality. It is what has earned the CHINESE STATE CIRCUS the accolade “incomparable”.

No gimmicks… no fakes… no retakes… quite simply… the incomparable Chinese State Circus.


Booking Line: 0844 4155 228 or


Tatton Park, WA16 6QN

Wednesday 27th September - Sunday 1st October



Wednesday - 7pm

Thursday & Friday - 4.45pm & 7.30pm

Saturday - 2pm, 4.45pm & 7.30pm

Sunday - 12 noon & 3pm



Ringside: adults £36, children £32
Deluxe G/stand: adults £30, children £26
Front Circle: adults £26, children £22
Side Circle: adults £18, children £16
Rear Circle, restricted view: adults £15, children £12

Box office open Tuesday 26th September 10am - 8pm daily






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