Flour Water Salt launches Kickstarter to extend premises


Macclesfield cafe and bakehouse Flour Water Salt has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the extension and renovation of their premises in Market Place.

Named after the ingredients used in backing bread, the aim is to accommodate more guests, extend their menu and ensure the business is sustainable for the future.

Already a firm favourite on Macclesfield’s high street, Flour Water Salt has launched the Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds required to undertake the renovation.



After a bit of a false start (the campaign was initially due to launch on Sunday 24th February, the cafe’s first birthday) the campaign is now live.

It marks twelve months since Flour Water Salt first opened its doors in Market Place.

As with any kickstarter initiative, a selection of tempting rewards are on offer. These include bread making courses and tshirts, in return for donations towards their £20k target.

As of midday on Tuesday 26th February, the campaign has already secured around a quarter of the backing being sought, with four weeks left to run.



Established eight years ago

The bakery business which evolved into the Flour Water Salt cafe customers know and love today was established eight years ago by Paul Robinshaw.

Managed by Paul to this day, Flour Water Salt has made a name for itself selling award-winning bread and pastries, both to the public and wholesale to suppliers.

All of the products are baked in Macclesfield by Paul and his skilled team – and of course they now also supply to their own cafe too!

Paul explained: “[Prior to launching the kickstarter] we’ve already raised two thirds of the money, the space has been designed, the re-shuffle organised and we’ve factored in the ability to keep serving while we work.

“The extra space will allow our chefs to grow the menu in a larger kitchen, create a more intimate space in the back for customers and open up a room to allow for meetings and events for the people of Macclesfield to use.”



The team moved from the firm’s warehouse space off Chestergate into the former arcade in Market Place, bringing the disused shop back to life and injecting interest back to Macclesfield’s high street.

The warehouse on Chestergate is now solely dedicated to baking bread.

The artisan firm has also converted an old Citroen van ‘Henri’ from which they sell their goods at the town’s popular Treacle Market and other events.


‘Completely humbled’

Opening the cafe has proved incredibly popular and Paul commented: “The bakery and cafe have been amazingly supported and championed by people coming through the doors everyday and we are completely humbled by the steady flow and the great comments we receive.

“To protect the business and our team, we only refurbished half of it.

“Time has passed and the cafe is doing well but without the rear of the property we are limited and we are desperate to open out the space and allow the building to achieve its full potential.

“We want to grow a sustainable business, ensure job security and keep serving Macclesfield with really great quality bread, pastries and cooked food made by us.”

He continued: “We are aware that people probably think we are a great success story and we’re doing well.

“However we are working towards a long-term future on the high street, which is not without its challenges.”




You can find full details of the Kickstarter campaign online here.

The way a Kickstarter works means that if a project doesn’t reach its target amount then it won’t be funded at all.

This means every single penny counts to make this project a reality.

“We want to continue being part of Macclesfield’s wonderful community,” added Paul.