Krispy Kreme is changing its name to ‘Krispy Cream’

… or is it?

Image credit: Krispy Kreme


In an email to ‘Friends of Krispy Kreme’ today (Thursday 30th March 2017) the iconic American doughnut (or is that donut?) producer told customers: “As of today, we are excited to announce that Krispy Kreme in the UK will now be known as Krispy Cream!”

But - we have suspicions that all is not as it seems!

Explaining the name change, Krispy Kreme (wait… Krispy Cream now, right?) told doughnut-fans: “We launched 14 years ago into the UK and since then there has been a great deal of confusion amongst our British fans as to whether the name is pronounced Krispy ‘Cream’ or Krispy ‘Crème.’”


That’s not all, however, as the email continued: “The pronunciation hasn’t been the only problem: since 2015, there have been over 30,000 independent tagged posts on social media spelling Krispy Kreme incorrectly.

“Therefore, we’ve taken the decision to set the record straight once and for all and re-brand in the UK as Krispy Cream.”

I mean, why not go the whole distance and get the spelling of 'Krispy' correct as well? (Because, you know, it should be 'Crispy' with a 'C' obviously...!)




Image credit: Krispy Kreme


The email continued…

“Keeping our iconic Bow Tie logo, we have started to introduce the new branding across the country so keep your eyes peeled for new store logos, staff uniforms and doughnut boxes!”


“This is a huge logistical operation so please be aware that there will be a transitional period as the change is activated in our 90 stores & 700 cabinets across the UK.”

And customers were reassured: “For those of you who might be worried about the products themselves, please don’t be!

“The quality of our doughnuts will remain of the highest standard and in line with the delicious original recipe that our founder Vernon Rudolph made famous almost 80 years ago!”

It ended with an invite to “Tell us what you think of the new name on your preferred social media channel” where Twitterers (pretty sure that’s a thing) were told to use #KremeToCream to announce their feelings on the topic.

Sorry for spoiling the fun, but, we wanted to be the first to call them out - happy April Fool’s Day!

(And, yeah, it’s a few days early - that’s not even within the rules, is it?)

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