Local entrepreneur fires up the catering industry

A catering solution that is “no ordinary barbecue”

A new gourmet barbecue business has been set up by local entrepreneur Chris Martin to cater for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Chris was a regular ‘9-5’ employee in the events industry until a sudden change in circumstances meant he had to switch careers.

Catering for events, large or small, Chris’ menus are inspired by flavours from around the world.

He has developed his own set of equipment to create the Brazilian-style barbecuing known as Churrasco (which originated in the southern region of Brazil in the 1800s.)

Originally the cuisine of gauchos - South American cowboys - today it is a way of life, and deeply ingrained in Brazilian culture.

Chris said: “I’m a real foodie and a total barbecue geek. I’ve even been known to cook the Christmas turkey on the barbecue.”

The Flaming Gourmand is based in Knutsford. See: www.theflaminggourmand.co.uk

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