Waitrose introduces age limit on high caffeine energy drinks

Shoppers will be asked to prove they are over 16 years old

Teenagers in Alderley Edge, Chester, Knutsford, Northwich, Poynton, Sandbach and Wilmslow could soon be asked for ID when shopping at their local Waitrose store.

From 5th March 2018, the supermarket will be asking customers buying caffeinated energy drinks containing more than 150mg of caffeine per litre to prove they are over 16 years of age.

The John Lewis Partnership food store says the move builds on existing industry labelling guidelines, which require any soft drink with more than 150mg of caffeine per litre to carry a high caffeine content warning and state that it is not recommended for children.

Waitrose is currently the only UK supermarket to announce a sales policy on energy drinks, and industry watchers will now be waiting to see if other big names follow their lead.

Simon Moore, corporate social responsibility director for Waitrose, commented: “As a responsible retailer we want to sell these products in line with the labelling guidance.

“These drinks carry advice stating that they are not recommended for children, so we’re choosing to proactively act on that guidance, particularly given the widespread concerns which have been raised about these drinks when consumed by under 16s.”

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