East Cheshire Hospice - Virtual Balloon Race

All the fun of a race but 100% environmentally friendly

Promising ‘all the fun of a race but 100% environmentally friendly’ a virtual balloon race is being organised by East Cheshire Hospice this March.

The race will see individuals and groups across the local area donating for a chance to win.

The hospice has hired the use of a software programme, created by a company in Lancashire, to run the race - and money raised (minus commission payed to the firm for use of its technology) will go directly to the Macclesfield-based charity shortly after the race.

Participants can choose the design, size, shape and thickness of their balloon for a £3 donation.

The decisions made will make a real difference to how well the balloon flies, so choose carefully if you’re hoping to win!

During the week of the race, the software programme will track, virtually, where each balloon would have flown to using online weather data for the week.

Will it fly far and wide? Will it crash into the nearest hill? Wait and see…!

In order to encourage people to get involved, the hospice is also offering educational presentations for schools.

You can buy your balloon at www.rabr.co/ech or alternatively please call 01625 433 477 or email fundraising@echospice.org.uk for further details.

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