Green Party co-leader to visit Macclesfield


The Green Party’s co-leader Jonathan Bartley will visit Macclesfield on Saturday (9th March) to help launch the party’s local election campaign in Cheshire East.

Jonathan has been joint leader of the party, known for its environmental stance, alongside Sian Berry since September 2018. He previously shared the role with Caroline Lucas.

On his visit to Macclesfield, Jonathan will address the issues of cycling and road safety, and is expected to outline the difference that Green councillors would make to improve walking and cycling infrastructure.

The party aims to reduce air pollution and build cleaner, safer spaces for local communities.

The party cites examples such as that of Olympic cycling gold-medallist Jason Kenny who was nearly knocked off his bike whilst out for a ride on the country lanes near his Chelford home with his young son.

Jonathan commented ahead of his visit: “A strong Green voice is desperately needed here.

“Cheshire East council have failed to deliver a cycling strategy. They have failed to implement 20 mph speed limits to make roads safer in this community.

“And their response to traffic congestion has been simply to build more and more roads, while walking and cycling are sorely neglected.

“Greens here are right to want to drag the council kicking and screaming into the 21st century.”

John Knight, Green Party candidate for Macclesfield Central, added: “We need a serious strategy for cycling in Macclesfield; cycle lanes that actually go somewhere, traffic-free cycleways through town and safe routes out to surrounding towns and villages.”

“A strategy that doesn’t leave cyclists feeling like second-class citizens, but encourages people to leave the car at home, to keep themselves fit and healthy while not having to dodge cars and potholes.”

Charlie Keller, the Green Party’s second candidate for Macclesfield Central, commented: “We can’t allow the current council to continue to ignore local demands, we need safer streets.”

He continued: “The state of Cheshire’s roads needs to be improved, as swerving into busy traffic to avoid potholes is terrifying and very very risky.”

John and Charlie recently took to the streets with environmentally-friendly chalk sprays to highlight the extent of the issue in Macclesfield.

Nigel Hennerley, Green Party candidate for High Legh, said: “Cheshire East Council has allowed bus services to be cut to the bone and beyond, while train services are infrequent, unreliable and expensive; rural residents are left with little choice but the car.

“The Conservative government, with the full support of Cheshire East Council, is pushing ahead with the ruinously-expensive and pointless HS2 vanity rail scheme.

“This will not only cause untold destruction to wildlife habitats through huge swathes of the countryside, but will devastate communities like High Legh, Hoo Green and Pickmere.”

Jonathan Bartley will address Green Party campaigners at 10am on Saturday 9th March, at the United Reformed Church Hall, Townley Street, Macclesfield SK11 6HZ.


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