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Most newly engaged couples will tell you that the first thing everyone says after “congratulations” and “let me see the ring” is “so when’s the wedding?”

In 1959, Brides Magazine recommended that couples set aside 2 months to prepare for their wedding.

In 2015, they now recommend with 12 months to go that you book your venue (for many of the more popular venues lead times can be considerably longer).

With many engaged couples, including Olympic Cyclists Laura Trott and Jason Kenny, looking to perfect their smiles for the big day, booking the initial consultation with a dental specialist should also sit high on the list of ‘must dos’ with more than 12 months to go.

According to Dr Bilal Bhatti from Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre, an expert in Invisalign - the virtually invisible orthodontic treatment - who is currently treating Laura and Jason: “We see many people who are keen to achieve beautiful smiles for their wedding photographs – it is a prime motivation for tooth straightening - and what a difference it makes.

“If anyone is planning to get their smile improved for their biggest day then planning ahead is essential.  Full Invisalign treatments take around 12 months, and those of greater complexity can take 18 months or longer.”

Your wedding day is one you are likely to remember forever, a special day where you and your other half are the focus of everyone’s attention AND the focus of everyone’s cameras as they happily snap photographs of you both and the wider wedding party.

It is only natural that people want to look their best on such an occasion, with smiles widely on display all day, so an increasing number of brides and grooms-to-be, are looking to improve the look of their teeth, and turning to their dentists and orthodontists to help them.

Katie Knight had always wanted straight teeth in time for her own wedding.  Katie, was extremely conscious of the way her mouth looked, she was reluctant to be photographed and admits she lacked in confidence as a result, but she was unwilling to have traditional wire and bracket braces fitted.

As a hairdresser she was acutely aware that she spent much of the day in front of a mirror and did not want to have a “mouthful of metal” staring back at her.

After meeting with the hugely experienced Dr Hanel Nathwani, she, like an increasing number of adults, opted for the discrete, virtually invisible, Invisalign system which works by repositioning teeth discretely, little by little, using a series of custom-made clear ‘aligners’ which are changed in two weekly increments.

Katie began her treatment at once, delighted she would achieve the smile she had always wanted for her own wedding, even though she had not even met her fiancé at this point! 

“I was told that my treatment was a little more complex than a lot of Invisalign cases, but once I knew that Dr Nathwani was able to straighten my teeth with the system I was keen to go ahead. I was so keen I wore my aligners all the time - when I first met my fiancé Steve, I was wearing them, even for our first kiss!

“He didn’t even know I was wearing my aligners until a few weeks later when we talked about it. I’m delighted with the results and find myself recommending Invisalign all the time to my clients while I cut their hair! ”

Olympic cyclists Laura Trott and Jason Kenney, who announced their engagement at Christmas, are still having Invisalign treatment to straighten their teeth.

The discrete nature of the procedure has meant that they have worn their aligners while training, competing and even while being interviewed on TV. The aligners are so hard to discern, almost invisible, that even Laura’s own orthodontist Dr Bilal Bhatti struggled to spot if Laura was wearing them as he watched her on TV earlier this year!

“I watched Laura win her qualifiers for the World Championships track cycle racing in London, I was quite surprised to hear that she was wearing her aligners. I was looking very closely as she was interviewed after the race and concluded she didn't have them in – when I next saw her however she told me she did!”

It was essential to Laura and Jason that any treatment they undertook did not impact on their busy racing and training schedules.  The couple chose to undergo orthodontic treatment because they wanted to be able to smile with more confidence on the winners’ podium, and no doubt those smiles will be wider than ever on their wedding day!


Other top tips to perfect your smile on your wedding day:


Sarah Brock ( ) is one of the UK’s leading bridal make-up artists and gives her top tips to maximise your smile on your wedding day:

  • On the run-up to your wedding day, use a good lip balm regularly to ensure that your lips are in tip-top condition for your big day
  • If you are worried about lipstick transferring on to your teeth, after you have applied all of your lip colours, place a finger in-between your lips to remove any excess.
  • For long lasting lip colour on your wedding day, first apply lip liner all over the lip area. Then apply a few coats of lipstick, blotting with a tissue in between. Then apply a thin layer of lip gloss for a gorgeous, bridal pout!


Wedding Photographer Paul Webb ( also offers his top tips for beautiful smiles in wedding photographs:

  • It is better if your wedding photographer can capture those natural moments of you interacting with your husband and wedding guests.
  • Naturally smiling pictures are always better than those where people have to pose.
  • Don’t say ‘cheese’ it stretches the mouth unnaturally; instead say words ending in ‘uh’ (yoga) it creates a more natural looking smile.
  • Keep calm and enjoy your wedding day.  When  you relax those natural happy smiles will come… naturally!


For more information and to find a specially trained Invisalign Provider to help you achieve a beautiful smile on your wedding day, please visit: 


(Note: Laura Trott and Jason Kenny are both an Invisalign ambassadors. They are receiving their treatment for free and they receive out of pocket travel expenses in relation to any promotional activities that they participate in.)

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