Limited edition Chester Cathedral Lego set

Cathedral’s bespoke model for visitors to purchase

Chester Cathedral has commissioned a bespoke, limited edition Lego model of its historic 900 year old building.

Designed by world famous Lego professional Duncan Titmarsh, the only person in Britain to be officially recognised as such by the Danish toy company, the set contains over 1,500 official Lego bricks.

Cathedral spokesperson Emma Roberts told us: “We quietly launched our special edition Lego sets just before Christmas and we have been stunned by the demand.

“Over 300 sets have been sold with no publicity and we are posting tens at a time to Europe. We have just under 200 sets left and then we will probably commission a further limited edition set.”

Only 500 sets have been produced and they are available for purchase exclusively from the gift shop at Chester Cathedral, priced at £99.00 each.

All of the funds raised from the sale of the sets will go directly into the Chester Cathedral Education Trust, which has been created to support the ongoing education work of Chester Cathedral.

Vice dean Peter Howell-Jones commented: “We are posting these sets around the world as the enormous Lego community, as well as admirers of our beautiful cathedral, hear that they exist.  Demand for these sets has been quite extraordinary.”

The bespoke sets are a beautiful momento of the cathedral’s larger scale “Chester Cathedral in Lego” project which will be using a total of over 350,000 individual Lego pieces, transforming them into an accurate scale model of the cathedral.

The project’s supersize Lego model will reach almost four metres in length and two metres in height, and the project was launched in April 2015.

Members of the public can purchase their own tiny piece of history in the form of a Lego brick to be included within the model, and they are encouraged to learn all about the cathedral’s 900 year history as the multi-layered story of the building through the ages is retold, brick by brick.

Volunteer “bricklayers” are working daily to build the model from the foundations up and it is estimated that the project will take up to four years to complete.

The model - which will split in two to reveal the interior of the building - includes special features unique to Chester Cathedral, such as the Grand Organ and Consistory Court, all painstakingly recreated in Lego.

The project is the brain child of the cathedral’s education and fundraising departments. Since launching the project, the cathedral has welcomed over 50 new volunteers, applied for a Guinness world record for the ‘largest publicly-built Lego model’, and has seen an increase of 25 per cent of visitors under the age of 35.

Chester Cathedral has also welcomed a number of famous individuals who’ve laid the foundation bricks - including London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

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