Crewe Passion Play 2019

17 April, 2019


Introducing… Gourmet Supper Club


Gourmet Supper Club founders and husbands Jonathan Welford and Rob Hardy, of Kingsley Village in Nantwich, are hoping to take Cheshire residents on a gastronomic journey.

The couple hope to boost footfall in small and quirky local venues, and have pleased with the feedback they’ve received so far with their new venture.

Director of dining (and Nantwich-based estate agent) Jonathan commented: “We are thrilled at the response. We can’t wait to meet fellow foodies.”

Rob, a self confessed foodie and psychotherapist based in Nantwich, added: “The aim is to create the atmosphere of attending a good friend’s dinner party and offer an intimate dining experience.

“We want everyone to feel welcome, couples and singles.”

Rob explained: “Events will be staged throughout Cheshire and people seem to enjoy guessing where the ‘pop up’ supper club will take place next.”

New of the club has been spread though social media as well as word of mouth.

“Everyone attending receives a good ‘old-fashioned’ invitation in the post requesting the pleasure of their company,” added Rob.

“It’s surprising in these days of modern technology how people still love to receive an invitation through their letterbox.”

The next available SupperClub event, titled ‘an evening of elegant dining’, takes place at Residence in Nantwich.


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