Introducing… the ‘ChoccyPud Wrap’


Do we love Yorkshire puddings? Yes!

Do we love chocolate? Yes!

Have we ever thought about putting the two together? Umm… no!?!

Thankfully, however, someone else has!

The ‘Kings of Batter’ at The York Roast Co have devised a sweet treat like no other!

The ‘ChoccyPud Wrap’ is a downright devilish twist on their savoury internet sensation, the YorkyPud Wrap.

The sweet treat is available at all their stores (and that includes Chester and Shrewsbury) until the end of April, priced at £4.95 each.



You can forget about spending hours at home cracking eggs and working up a sweat in the kitchen… and for those of you who are still thinking this is totally weird: a reminder that the batter you use for Yorkshire puddings follows the exact same recipe as pancake batter.

But why bother mixing your own? Leave it to the experts!

The ChoccyPud Wrap has been lovingly created by the team who first made a name for themselves by managing to make the almighty Yorkshire pudding even better than it already was.

The viral food trend (which contains all the elements required of a Sunday roast) broke the internet  back in 2017, and even had some hungry bellies making four-hour trips just for a taste!

Meanwhile, The York Roast Co’s latest creation includes lashings of chocolate, chunks of gooey brownies, crushed Oreos and a crumbly Flake – all wrapped up in the world-famous giant Yorkshire puddings.

And because that didn’t seem extravagant enough, it’s served with a dollop of cream!



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