Land of Nod comes to Northwich Memorial Court


Where do we really go when we fall asleep?

It’s a question that’s clearly been on the mind of theatre company Moon On A Stick, who create accessible shows for the whole community to enjoy.

Moon On A Stick blends innovative puppetry, captivating storytelling and an enchanting musical score to being their star-light adventure to life.

A story of tiredness, over-tiredness, wonder and waking up, their upcoming performance ‘Land of Nod’ explores the struggle of bedtime and the bliss of finally succumbing to slumber.

It’s a magical, multi-sensory production filled with laughter, audience interaction and a few surprises, designed especially for children aged 3+ and their families.

Moon On A Stick shows are specially designed to be suitable for anyone with special educational needs, autism and other sensitivities, making it a wonderful experience for all.

The show introduces its audience to mindfulness, meditation and yoga techniques for children and adults to unwind and spend peaceful moments together. 

Land Of Nod comes to Northwich Memorial Court on Tuesday 30th October, at 2pm.