Support local with Knutsford Market Hall bags

Traders back council’s reusable shopping bags

Shoppers at Knutsford Market Hall can now show their support for shopping locally with a series of market hall shopper bags.

The bags, an idea of one of the traders at Knutsford Market Hall, have been introduced by Knutsford Town Council to help promote the market. Profits from the sale of the bags are being donated to the mayor’s charities.

“The idea came from the introduction of the 5p bag charge in larger shops, with traders keen to promote reusable bags,” explained Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Garner.

“The bags are designed to give shoppers a more environmentally friendly way to take their produce home with the added bonus of promoting the market as they walk through town.”

Traders in the Market Hall are selling the bags, which come in a choice of colours – red, black, blue and green – for just £3 each.

The launch of the bags coincides with the launch of a new website for the Market Hall. To find out more visit

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