Knutsford Floral Walk 2017

Vote for your favourite shop display

Knutsford Town Council is asking residents and visitors to vote for their favourite floral shop display.

Yes, it’s the RHS Flower Show this week, which means Knutsford is looking blooming lovely as retailers and businesses in the town pull out all the stops and decorate their shops with an abundance of flowers.

It’s the fifth year the town’s independent retailers and boutique stores have joined forces to create a colourful parade of petals and flower-themed festivity throughout Knutsford’s narrow streets.

Back in 2013 we boldly announced: “The RHS Flower Show at Tatton has seemingly faded into obscurity as a mere sideshow in comparison to the floral spectacular that took place in Knutsford town centre this year.” (Sorry, not sorry!)

Whilst that statement was admittedly a little grandiose, the point is that Knutsford’s retailers have seized the opportunity to bring visitors into the town, to the benefit of the local economy and for a thriving local area.

The town, which accommodates the hustle and bustle of the annual flower show, will be looking as lovely as ever - and you can count on us to document it! By the way, if you want to see the 2013 displays, check out our gallery here.

This year, Knutsford Town Council would like to recognise the hard work and expense the retailers go to in providing a feast of flowers for residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

They are running a Floral Walk competition, where you can vote for your favourite display.

The winning store will be presented with the - brand new, and soon to be coveted - Floral Walk Trophy alongside a certificate recognising their achievement. There will also be certificates for second and third place.

To pick a winner, head to and comment on the pinned post at the top of the page.

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