Beauty lingo: get clued up!

The words we’ll be using this year...

Are you slaying that tan-tour, is your cut crease giving you life and is your strobing on fleek?

If so then you’re already up to date with some of the must-know beauty slang of 2018.

And… if those phrases meant absolutely nothing to you, then this guide should help!

With the help of hair and beauty experts, we’ve compiled a list of the latest slang terms circulating the beauty community to help you get up to speed for 2018.


1. Beat face (noun):

Makeup application that looks perfect from every angle imaginable.


2. HG (adjective):

An acronym for Holy Grail, which is a term used to describe those staple beauty products that you quite literally couldn’t live without.


3. Hit the pan (verb):

The gut wrenching moment when you start to scrape the very bottom of the makeup palette or compact.


4. On fleek (adjective):

This is a term frequently used in reference to perfectly arched eyebrows, but it can also be used to describe any part of your makeup that is particularly well done.


5. De-pot (verb):

Removing pans of eyeshadow, blusher or bronzer from their compacts with the idea of replacing them, or compiling them into a single magnetic compact palette.


6. Baking (verb):

A technique which involves layering translucent powder over your foundation and concealer for several minutes, which allows the heat from your skill to ‘set’ it, and then dusting off the excess.


7. Garage doors (noun):

Very popular in the ‘80s – this involves wearing a single block shade of eye shadow from your eyes right up to your brows.


8. Tan-touring (noun):

Longer lasting than your average contour, this is the art of using self-tan to contour your face and body by applying it wherever you’d typically apply bronzer.  It looks more natural, but you’ll have to live with any mess ups for days on end!


9. Strobing (verb):

A fancy term for using highlighter.


10. Lit (adjective):

When your highlighter is looking insanely good.


11. Ring lights (noun):

A beauty vlogger’s secret weapon: think magnifying mirrors with lights around the rim and nothing in the centre. The light they cast is extremely flattering and essentially Photoshops your skin in real time.


12. Haul (noun):

The new term to essentially describe a mental shopping spree, where you purchase copious amount of beauty products from a particular brand or shop. Many beauty vloggers film the process of dumping out the bag of new products for their audiences and review the products as they go.


13. Giving life (verb):

This is a term used to describe the feeling you get when you see your favourite A-Lister gracing the red carpet: joy, ultimate happiness and total inspiration. Often used to describe flawless hair and makeup.


14. Slay/slaying/slayed (verb):

You’re working that red lip/smoky eye/heavy contour combination so much that you’ve literally killed it. It’s dead. You win! Congratulations.


15. Cut crease (noun):

A super sharp line of shadow drawn either across or slightly above the eye crease to accentuate, enlarge and lift the eye.


16. Sickening (adjective):

When someone looks so good that they make you feel physically sick to your stomach.


17. Overlining (verb):

The process of applying a lip product outside the natural lip line to give the impression of fuller lips.


18. Root stamping (verb): 

Root stamping lends the appearance of fuller, more dramatic eyelashes by concentrating mascara on the root section of the eyelashes with a gentle pressing motion.


19. Dupes (noun):

Dupes are products that are similar to an original, high-end product, but they’re cheaper in price. Remember, dupes are not fake products!


20. Swatch (noun):

This is a term for testing out makeup shades on your skin to show the pigments and texture when applied.

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