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11 November, 2019


‘Loot’ at Knutsford Little Theatre


Article by Rachel Perrin of Knutsford Little Theatre


Joe Orton’s most successful and yet most controversial play ‘Loot’ is making a comeback to Knutsford Little Theatre this April.

The piece was first performed at the theatre in 2001 and it’s being bought back to life by director Rachel Perrin in her directorial debut for the theatre. 

Two Hapless robbers – Hal (played by Patrick Smith) and his mate Dennis (Sam Glyde Rees) – have been involved with a bank robbery, and they need somewhere to hide the loot!

It just so happens that Hal’s mother has recently passed away and they think they have found the perfect hiding place in the form of a coffin!

However, can the loot be kept hidden from Hal’s Dad Mcleavy, and the nurse Fay (who is on her own agenda of making Mr Mcleavy husband number eight)?

Both parts beautifully played by Harriet Henry and Mike Wilding, who is reprising his Mcleavy after playing the role in 2001.

This black comedy also brings in added complication for the young robbers in the form of Detective Truscott who is devilishly played by Tony Turner pretending to be a member of the metropolitan water board and the local bobby, Meadows (Paul Baston).

The play shows police brutality that is reminiscent to that experienced by Orton himself when he was arrested for defacing library books in the early 60s. 

Loot is deviously absurd which highlights many themes such as police integrity, religion and sexuality, which is all packaged up and in a fast paced all action farce.

With some themes that may be not relevant today, they can still give a highlight on how restrictive life was in 1965.

Many things that Joe Orton felt then were portrayed in this piece which will keep any audience second-guessing on what happens next.

Rachel Perrin stated: “It has been an absolute delight to have such a hardworking group of actors and bring Joe Orton and his legacy and his fabulous writing forward onto the next generation 52 years after his untimely death.”

Loot is playing at Knutsford Little Theatre, 3rd-6th April. (7.30pm start time.)

Tickets are £10 each, and 2-for-1 on opening night.

Tickets are available online (click here) or by calling the box office and leaving a message: 01565 633 000.