Macclesfield College enjoys rise in GCSE achievement


For the third year running, Macclesfield College students have achieved a fantastic set of GCSE results in Mathematics and English. 

The college specialises in helping learners who are re-sitting their GCSE examinations, whether they are school leavers or adults returning to education.

The college says it takes a fresh approach to GCSE re-sits, equipping learners both with the subject knowledge required and strategies to boost confidence and reduce anxiety.

This year, early indications show that the college has seen a 13% increase in achievement overall as compared to last year (final figures are subject to confirmation).

Macclesfield College believes that GCSE results are about more than just a grade, they are the stepping stones which help students to progress on their lifelong learning journey.

Vice principal Andrea Murphy commented: “After passing their GCSE English and Mathematics, several of the college’s adult learners now hold places for university, and we are thrilled to have played a part in their success.”