Marking the 46-year bond between Nantwich and The Sealed Knot Society


Article and images by Jonathan White


The Sealed Knot Society gifted a mature tulip tree, along with a metal plaque and a stone, to the town of Nantwich in a low-key ceremony held at Volunteer Fields on Beam Street on Saturday 14th April 2018.

The gifts from The Sealed Knot Society were formally handed over to the mayor of Nantwich, Cllr Penny Butterill, by the chairman of The Sealed Knot Society, Simon Wright, in recognition of the society’s 46-year association with the town.

The metal plaque was attached to a reconstituted Cotswold, stone inscribed with silver text on a green-black background. It reads:


‘Dedicated to Nantwich by The Sealed Knot Society. Dedicated on 14th April 2018, this tree recognises forty six years of the unique relationship between the people of Nantwich and The Sealed Knot Society in its fiftieth year.

On 25th January 1644, one of the decisive battles of the English Civil War was fought to relieve the Siege of Nantwich. This date became known as Holly Holy Day and is annually remembered by the Townsfolk of Nantwich and The Sealed Knot.’


At the ceremony, Parliament was represented by the Manchester Regiment and the Royalists were represented by the King’s Guard.

The Yeoman of the Knot ceremonial unit represented both Parliament and Royalist sides.

After the ceremony had concluded, The Sealed Knot Society members present were invited to a reception at Nantwich Civic Hall.

This year marks The Sealed Knot Society’s 50th anniversary.

More information about The Sealed Knot can be found at: