Why is Infiniti promoting other brands?

January sale of other manufacturer’s vehicles…

Ok, so, it’s January and people are doing sales.

The manufacturer-owned dealerships run by Infiniti are spending a lot of their marketing resources at the moment on advertising discounts on their stock of other marques. Why?

At first we thought it was an attempt at aligning itself with its German superiors - Mercedes and Audi and the ilk. This has traditionally been the subliminal message behind its marketing.

But then we noticed that they’re also trying to shift Fords, Vauxhalls, Toyotas and others. So, there’s that theory blown.

Another possibility might be that they’ve simply got a glut of their rivals’ vehicles following part exchanges. That certainly fits - Inifiti recently announced registrations up 22% year on year.

So, it's a usable theory - but then surely we’d have seen more Infiniti vehicles on the road, which we haven’t.

Could it be that their owners are just too ashamed to take their wheels out in public?

You see, the thing with Infiniti is that, in many respects, it’s almost as good as some of the potential rival brands it pitches itself against - but thereupon we’ve found the unfortunate phraseology we must use: “almost as good”.

Infiniti is billed as the luxury arm of Nissan (you know, like Lexus is to Toyota) and yet if you’ve ever driven one you’ll know that it still feels a bit more Nissan-y than it does luxury.

They’ve made a valiant effort, but haven’t quite succeeded.

Let me put it another way: you know when people shop at Aldi or Lidl and convince themselves that what they’re buying is going to be “just the same as the branded product” because they can’t quite bring themselves to say “I bought it because it was cheaper.”

Well, that is essentially what Infiniti is. Not quite the car you really wanted to buy. (The golden rule: Germans are known for luxury cars, not luxury supermarkets!)

The problem, really, arises when the people at Infiniti try to pass their cars off as being “as good as” because in truth this is a marque that hasn’t quite managed to say that with confidence.

Sure, many of the components come straight out of their rivals (literally. Compare things like the window buttons, they’re identical to those in a Mercedes!)

I could cook a meal using precisely the same set of ingredients as Jamie Oliver - and I think we all know how that would work out!

Infiniti cars just feel a bit tacky and a bit naff. And let’s face it the badge on the front isn’t the one you really want either.

If they were priced at a lot less than their rivals then they’d probably be worth the money - but they’re not that much cheaper.

Our advice: spend the little bit extra, and get the Mercedes you really want - or buy it secondhand from Infiniti. They have a January sale on.

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