Additional funding secured to tackle potholes

It’s fair to say our readers hate potholes!

Over the past week or so, our readers have been emailing us and taking to our social media channels to let us know, it’s fair to say, that they are furious with the state of local roads.

 It seems that at least one of the county’s two unitary authorities has heard what local residents have had to say, and today issued a statement regarding extra funding for potholes in the area.

Cheshire West and Chester Council has been awarded £445,141 of funding by the Department of Transport’s Pothole Action Fund to help tackle potholes in the borough. (We've not yet heard from Cheshire East Council... we'll update this article if we do!)

The money will complement the council’s own funding and will support a significant number of repairs to potholes and additional patching and surface treatment schemes.

A council spokesperson said: “At this time of year bad weather has a massive impact on the amount of potholes forming and there is an increase in the number of potholes on the borough’s roads.”

They explained: “Potholes are caused when water seeps through cracks in the road caused by passing vehicles.

“During periods of extreme cold, the water freezes and expands. This causes more cracks to form in the road; the asphalt is then pushed out like a bubble.”

“The ice thaws and milder weather dries up all the water and creates a hole under the surface of the road. This gets larger every time water seeps into the hole, freezes and expands.”

“With the base weakened, the weight of traffic causes the road surface to collapse into the hole that was formed from water freezing, expanding and thawing under the surface.

“A pothole is formed once the road surface has collapsed; wear from traffic then makes the hole bigger.”

They added: “This is not always a lengthy process either, under the right conditions potholes can develop very quickly, sometimes in as little as 24 hours.”

Cheshire West and Chester Council said it carries out regular inspections of the highway network to ensure potholes and other defects are identified and repaired in a timely manner, keeping the highway safe.

On average the authority repairs over 5,000 potholes a year - with an increase in the number appearing on the borough’s roads at this time of year in particular.

In Cheshire West and Chester, you can report potholes through the ‘Your Streets’ website:

In Cheshire East you can report potholes via the following link:


Meanwhile, here's a handy inforgaphic about how potholes are formed:

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