MP presses for speed reductions through Eaton


At a specially-arranged meeting, Macclesfield MP David Rutley met with Cllr Steve Waltho and Cllr Michael Cohen of Eaton Parish Council to discuss the concerns of residents in Eaton concerning the impact of the new Congleton Link Road.

Cheshire East Council has given the green light to a new 5.5 kilometre route around Congleton, which will terminate south of Eaton at a junction with the A536.

Many local residents in Eaton are concerned that the proposed new road will lead to increased traffic volumes through the village when the bypass is completed in 2020, and Mr Rutley has said that he shares these concerns.

Alongside Eaton Parish Council, David has been working to press Cheshire East Council to ensure that there are fully-funded mitigation measures put in place to alleviate the effects of increased traffic arising from the new link road.

He is also working to ensure that further steps are taken to reduce the speed of traffic passing through the village.

Additionally, David has campaigned with Eaton Parish Council to ensure that ‘green gaps’ remain in place to protect the character and identity of Eaton village and surrounding countryside.

This is of particular concern as housing development in Congleton progresses in conjunction with the construction of the bypass.

Speaking after the meeting, David said: “It is essential that the views and concerns of local residents in Eaton are heard as the plans for the Congleton Link Road and associated housing developments progress.

“I am grateful to Cllr Waltho and Cllr Cohen for meeting with me on behalf of Eaton Parish Council, and residents in the village can be assured that I shall continue to stand up for them and press for much-needed mitigation measures going forward.”

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