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10 July, 2019


Nantwich Museum: ‘Contours and Colours in Paint and Print’


New exhibition in the Your Space Gallery at Nantwich Museum

Tuesday 4th September – Saturday 27th October 2018


‘Contours and Colours in Paint and Print’, an exhibition by Margaret Gill and Barbara Barlow, features oil and acrylic paintings as well as hand crafted reduction linocuts based on ancient Japanese art, similar to woodcut images.


Margaret Gill

As well as using oil and acrylic paints, Margaret is also drawn to mixing a range of media to achieve her desired effects and to see what unexpected effects ensue.

Some of the work develops in unplanned ways when materials, colours and textures work with, or against, each other.

Margaret commented: “She finds it interesting when, for example in a landscape of greens, she introduces a range of other colours to heighten the subject.”

Landscapes and the natural world are of particular interest where Margaret’s aim is to simplify complex images while exaggerating colour and pattern.


Barbara Barlow

Reduction linocut printmaking requires specialist tools and materials including a press and expensive Japanese papers.

Each image takes about five days to complete and begins with a drawn design.

Barbara chooses to make very small editions of up to fifteen of each image, often producing them in varying colourways.

Barbara commented: “I don’t plan too far ahead because I want to be surprised by the results.”


Entry to the museum and exhibition is free and the artwork is available to purchase.


For further information:

Phone: 01270 627 104

Email: [email protected]









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