Wilmslow teenager overcomes the odds to set up own business

William Hale launches successful plane spotting companion site

Wilmslow teenager William Hale has always been a keen plane spotter, even from the age of two when his family took him to Manchester Airport to watch aeroplanes take off and land.

The youngster, now 17 years old, became more and more interested in aviation as time went on and began spending more time developing his knowledge around all there is to know about civil aviation.

It isn’t his only passion in life, however, as William explained to us recently. “When I was around 10 years old, I became curious around how computers work and how to fix them, and when I stumbled upon coding, I began learning how to develop a website.”

The natural progression, therefore, was to combine these two interests and set up his business - Plane Spotting UK.

William said: “When I was thinking of ideas to base my website on, I thought of aeroplanes since I have that knowledge.”

In April last year, he launched "Plane Spotting Manchester" as his first ever website, shortly explaining upon this to create the nationwide offering.

“I didn't expect anything to come of it,” he admits, “however my adsense earnings began to increase, and interest from other companies sparked, leaving me working with some incredible people.

“It was at this point that I knew I had to devote my time to the website, so I splashed out on a new website hosting contract which brought me to ‘Plane Spotting UK’.”

Williams says this was the best move he’s made for his website, and it became faster and more interactive following a few technical upgrades.

Most recently, he launched a new and redesigned version of the website, hosted by a company in America, promising his browsers even faster website speeds and unlimited opportunities to expand his business offering in the future.

William is now working on a project where plane spotters across the UK can log all of their information for other people to view and share.

To see William’s website, please visit: www.planespottinguk.co.uk


Editor's note: a section of this article has been removed by request (11/03/16)

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