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20 February, 2020


Ollie Discovers by Anya Acres



A primary school teacher of 20 years’ experience has embarked upon a new career as a children’s author, after being made redundant last year.

Anya Acres used her redundancy payout to fund the publishing of her first book ‘Ollie Discovers the Planets’ which she first wrote over 20 years ago whilst training to be a teacher.

Anya hired illustrator Megan Green to provide the pictures to accompany her story, and has plans to develop the format further.

Anya said: “I plan to write an ‘Ollie Discovers’ series of books for children.

“They’re fictional stories with a factual theme – basically, they teach children about a non-fiction topic, without them even realising it!”

Her next book is already written, and is titled ‘Ollie Discovers the Dinosaurs’, and she is also halfway through writing a further addition to the series, ‘Ollie Discovers the Arctic’.

Anya recently visited Hollinhey Primary School near Macclesfield, where she read her story using actions and musical instruments.

She then spoke about her journey to becoming a published author, and what it entailed, as well as providing a creative writing workshops with year 1 and year 2 pupils before visiting the neighbouring Sutton St James Pre-School.

Anya has also hosted Skype sessions with schools further afield – in Manchester, Durham, Pembrokeshire and Kent.

She now hopes to visit more schools, and introduce her educational series to more children.

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