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19 September, 2019


Petition to close ‘access only’ planning applications loophole


Following a large number of ‘access only’ planning applications locally by developers and their agents, Henbury Parish Council has started a petition to ask the secretary of state for communities and local government, Sajid Javid MP, to close a loophole so that each full site application is seen altogether.

Henbury Parish Council argues that the current loophole allows for large sites to be made available through just their access, and all other matters reserved – and therefore given less scrutiny – at a later date.

This includes sites such as the land opposite Royal London in Wilmslow, and others across the county.

The petition, initiated by parish council vice chair Richard Slater, says: “Developers and their agents are using a loophole to apply for ‘access only’ for large development, in order that all other matters relating to the planning application are ‘reserved’ for a later date, which then avoids the scrutiny of the public, and is less likely to be rejected.”

It continues: “All the details for a planning application should be submitted at the outset, and and amendments to an application must impose a charge, relating to the profit the builder will make. i.e. £8,000,000 nett income, £80,000 charge.”

At the time of writing, the petition has so far gathered 69 signatures (15/04/18).

You can view and sign the petition here.

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