General election announced

Cheshire MPs will prepare to campaign your vote

(image: BBC News)


As if the current political environment in the UK wasn’t already tumultuous enough, Theresa May has returned from her Easter break to announce that she intends to hold a general election on 8th June.

There is a very small stumbling block before this can be confirmed - she must get the motion passed through Parliament first.

This will require a two-thirds majority in the House of Commons in order to be carried, and MPs will vote on the matter on Wednesday 19th April.

It is widely expected that the motion will be passed, however, which means that MPs across the country - and across Cheshire in particular - will now be preparing themselves for your vote.


MPs in Cheshire at present (and news about their thoughts/intentions) are as follows:


We’ll bring you more on the election and how it affects Chehsire in the coming weeks.

 Stayed tuned to @socheshire on Twitter for the latest.

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