Antoinette Sandbach: “I look forward to the campaign ahead”

Statement from Antoinette Sandbach, MP for Eddisbury

Conservative MP for Eddisbury, Antoinette Sandbach has announced that she intends to stand again to represent the constituency in the forthcoming general election posed yesterday by PM Theresa May.

The MP has already begun receiving words of encouragement and support via social media - a sphere in which she is arguably Cheshire’s most active MP.

Winsford councillor, Cllr Mike Baynham tweeted: “Really glad to hear that you are willing to stand again. Winsford and Eddisbury gain by having a hard working MP.”

Last night, Antoinette herself tweeted: “One of the most lovely things today have been constituents contacting me out of the blue to offer help in the days ahead #genuinelytouched”

In a statement sent to So Cheshire this morning, Antoinette set out her reasons for supporting her party in the June election.

Antoinette said: “The Conservatives have reduced the enormous deficit left by Labour by 2/3rds  and unemployment is at its lowest level since the 1970s.

“We are investing record amounts into our NHS, which can only be done with  strong economy.

“The Northern Powerhouse is delivering jobs and growth in Cheshire.

“It is right that the British public have an opportunity to say how we shape our future as a Nation as the UK negotiates to leave the EU.

“Corbyn would be a disaster for Britain and would risk our national security with his opposition to a nuclear deterrent.”

She concluded: “It has been an honour to serve my constituents in Eddisbury and I look forward to the campaign ahead.”

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