John Bickley is UKIP parliamentary candidate for Eddisbury

UKIP treasurer and immigration spokesman standing in Eddisbury

Aged 64 and a resident of Cuddington for over 23 years, John is married with two children.

He recently retired after working in a computer software business and says he joined UKIP in 2011 (after previously voting Labour, and then Conservative) because “I was sick of their [Labour and the Conservatives] lies and false promises, like Cameron reneging on his ‘cast iron’ guarantee of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (the EU constitution).”

He told us: “I decided to do something about it and have stood in a number of by-elections, including Heywood & Middleton in 2014 where I narrowly missed out taking a safe Labour seat.

He added: “I’m UKIP’s party treasurer and immigration spokesman. In this election, which Theresa May has called because of Brexit, which without UKIP would never have happened, I will be reminding voters that the Tory government after June 8th will be a Remain dominated one, led by the Remainer-in-chief Theresa May.

“Frankly, UKIP doesn’t believe the Conservatives will honour last year’s referendum result, after all it was the Conservatives that in 1973 took us into the EU (EEC) under false pretences and have consistently supported EU treaties that have given Brussels more control over our country.”

John said: “I know Eddisbury is a very safe Tory seat, a constituency where the majority voted Leave in last year’s referendum, however the Conservative MP, Ms Sandbach voted Remain and then voted with the Labour party against her own government to undermine their negotiating position.”

John added: “I’m afraid she can’t be trusted to deliver Brexit, unless she offers a ‘cast iron’ guarantee on the following: the UK will regain 100% control of (i) its fishing grounds, (ii) its law making, (iii) immigration, (iv) signing its own trade deals and (v) not paying an EU divorce bill.”

However, “I won’t be holding my breath,” he concluded.

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