Ed Gough standing in Ellesmere Port and Neston

Liberal Democrats choose Ed Gough

Ed Gough is a 34 year old software engineer, with 10 years experience implementing systems that range from the NHS to car manufacturing.

He lives in Cheshire with his wife and two year old son, and is a University of Bath physics graduate.

Ed leads an active lifestyle, tellings us he cycles pretty much every day. He is also an avid kayaker (as well as a qualified paddlesport coach) and a mountaineer.

He passes his love of the outdoors on as a Scout leader and he's also a member of the Round Table which raises money for good causes.

Ed told us: “I believe that everyone voted for their own reason in the referendum, and I'm not here to put words in to anyone's mouth. However the local economy is dependant on Europe.

“Vauxhall in Ellesmere Port is a prime example of why we need a good deal, with consituents also working in Toyota on Deeside and Airbus in Broughton, we need to ensure these employers provide large numbers of jobs and apprenticeships for years to come.

“Whilst we will prosper outside the EU we are reliant on a close trading bond to reach our fullest potential.”

He continued: “I will fight for an Open, Tolerant and United country, as this is what we British are best at. If you vote for me you vote for a brigher future, one I want for my young family, as well as for you and your family. United we are stronger.”

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