Chris Copeman: “I’m standing for the things that matter”

Green Party selects its candidate for Weaver Vale

Chris Copeman grew up in Helsby and has lived in Kingsley with his family for the last fifteen years, and works as a veterinary surgeon.

Chris told us: “I have an interest in low energy building and have recently converted my house to be nearly  zero energy consumption.

“I am currently working on building Britain’s first passive house vet surgery. In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors, climbing, walking and spending time with my family.”

Speaking about June’s election, he commented: “This election comes at a time when Britain is on the brink of crashing out of Europe with no deal,” says Weaver Vale candidate Chris Copeman.

He continued, this is “not what was voted for at the referendum.

Chris added: “The education system and National Health services are under threat from underfunding, while large sums are spent on free schools, often in areas where they are least needed.

“Climate change and environmental degradation threaten the UK and vulnerable people round the world.

“Rather than responding to these issues the Government is cutting funding for schools in Cheshire, resulting in huge class sizes, and pushing our local hospitals into crisis.

“They are forcing industrial scale gas extraction on our countryside, despite majority opposition in Cheshire, whilst cutting renewable energy.”

Chris explained that the Green Party offers what they describes as a ‘brighter, more sustainable alternative’.

“We want a second referendum with an option to stay in the EU if the deal reached isn’t good for the Britain.

“We want to see schools and hospitals properly funded and an affordable, reliable public transport system as found in the rest of Europe.

“We want to see action taken to tackle air pollution in our cities and towns and our roads made safe for pedestrians and cyclists.”

Chris asserted: “I believe there is a different way of doing things, and I’m standing to make a difference.

“I am standing for the things that matter, the people of this country and the world; I’m standing for a properly funded education system; I’m standing for a housing policy that ensures our houses do not contribute to global warming; I’m standing for policies that protect and enhance the planet we live on.

“I’m standing for the things that matter. If they matter to you, then please stand with me and vote Green.”

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