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28 March, 2020


Realising the ‘vision’ for Barnaby 2020


Macclesfield’s Barnaby Festival has been awarded an incredible £57,000 project grant by Arts Council England.

The funding will enable a number of new commissions and artist residencies for this year’s event, which takes place in June.

Abi Gilmore, co-chair of Barnaby Festival, told us: “We’re really excited that we have received the ACE award and support from local businesses and councils.

“It will help us programme the high standard of visual arts, music and culture that Barnaby has built a reputation for delivering. 

“However, we are still looking for financial support. Barnaby Festival is a great cultural event for Macclesfield, bringing the town to life and creating some great economic opportunities.

“We want to make 2020 a great success and deliver one of the best festivals yet. If you are interested in supporting us, please do get in touch.”


Below are details of some of the commissions taking shape ahead of Barnaby 2020…


Liz West

Barnaby Festival has commissioned a new installation from British visual artist Liz West, who creates site-specific art works combining the phenomena of colour and light to create a sensory experience for the viewer.

Liz returns to Barnaby Festival as an alumni having exhibited in 2013 with her work ‘Consumed’.

Liz’s works have been exhibited nationally and internationally – including at the London Design Festival, National History Museum, The National Trust and Paris Fashion Week.


Simon Buckley

Another commission is artist Simon Buckley who produces the ‘Not Quite Light’ project.

Simon will be exploring the connection of Macclesfield to the forest with a new piece of work entitled ‘Our Future is Ancient’.


Future Everything

Future Everything, a Manchester-based organisation, will be working with Barnaby Festival organisers to curate a programme looking at how technology and the arts can create new perspectives and ways of seeing.

The programme will be looking at the application of technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence.


Abandon Normal Devices

Abandon Normal Devices, an arts organisation which delivers its own festival of new cinema, digital culture and art in unusual places, will be bringing the COSMOS commission by Julie Freeman.

The commission is a VR experience which reveals the endeavour of space exploration in an abstract data-informed world of celestial interference.


Brighter Sound

Barnaby Festival will also be working with Brighter Sound, a music charity that works with young and emerging musicians.

Their ambassadors include musicians Beth Orton and Nadine Shah.

Brighter Sound will be producing a week-long residency with leading figures in the music industry working with local emerging artists who will perform in the festival.


‘First Light’ and ‘Second Sight’

The first weekend of Barnaby will be billed as ‘First Light’ and will explore midsummer and the summer solstice.

Barnaby’s second weekend, billed as ‘Second Sight’, will be exploring the way technology and digital culture can work to benefit society.

Barnaby Festival will return 18th-28th June 2020, falling over two weekends and celebrating its tenth anniversary with ten days of cultural activity.

The theme this year is ‘Vision’.